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I know, I know there's still a month and a half to go until Christmas but as I've been in such a Christmas mood and would love to get my tree out tonight and decorate my whole house

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


When I heard that Elle magazine we're giving away sample sizes of benefits they're real mascara I had to go out and buy one immediately, luckily I managed to find one

Saturday, 28 September 2013



Sunday, 1 September 2013


Benefit - Benetint - £24.50 for 12.5 ml

Monday, 26 August 2013


Hi everyone! Today's post is about the Liebster Award! This award is for bloggers with under 200 followers and is to help new blogs to be discovered and to create a wider community for those new bloggers! 

So first of all I would like to thank @Rebecka so much for nominating me for this award! This is the first time I've been nominated so I'm so excited! And please go and check out Rebeckas blog as she is also fairly new and has a lovely blog! So to begin with here are the rules!


1. You must link back to the person that nominated you.

2. You must answer the 11 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.

3. You must pick 11 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers.

4. You must come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

1)  If you had to pick one blogging or vlogging?
For now I chose blogging as I can be extremely camera shy and I'm not an amazing speaker as I tend to either talk to fast or make no sense at all!

2) What is your fashion must have?
For this summer I have been loving my black kimono from MissGuided as it goes with every outfit I've worn this summer and its a great way to add layers for colder days!

3) What is your best beauty secret?
One of my favourite things to do to intensify the colour of an eyeshadow is to slightly dampen your eyeshadow brush then apply the eyeshadow! Also this works great if you've run out of liquid eyeliner!

4) What is the beauty product/thing that you suck at?
Contouring! There's something about my face, but as much as I try to contour, I can never seem to make it look good! 

5) Face makeup or eye makeup
I really enjoy creating new eye make up looks but I prefer applying face make up and trying out new products to find the mot flawless look I can achieve!

6) What makeup and fashion item could you not live without?
My make up item I couldn't live without is my collection 2000 concealer! I love this and it applies enough coverage on good skin days! And my fashion item I could not live without is my collar necklaces as they dress up any outfit.

7) If you had £3,000 would you spend it on fashion or beauty?
Oh god this is tough, I have so much make up but I could buy endless amounts but I really need new clothes! So I probably would go with fashion as much as I would love to spend it ALL on beauty.

8) If you could have anyones wardrobe who would it be?
Any of you watch 90210? I am in love with Annie's fashion! Every outfit she wears I adore.

9) If you could only ever own one makeup brand which brand would it be?
I would probably pick M.A.C but bobbi brown is also up there!

10) What inspired you to make a blog  
I've been watching YouTube videos for a while now and I've always wanted to make a YouTube account but I don't have the confidence yet! But I am in love with shaaanxo, zoella and Tanyaburr!

11) If you had any advise to someone wanting to start a blog what would it be?
My advise would be to not question yourself whether to make a blog or not. At first I was really sceptical about the whole idea but i then decided that blogging is a great way to give my opinions about products and the best part about it is it is your own blog and you can do whatever you'd like with it! And I have never looked back and I am so glad I created this blog! I have had some amazing feedback!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
2. If you could only have one would it be mascara or lipstick?
3. What is your favourite make up brand?
4. What is your dream job?
5. Do you prefer fashion or beauty?
6. Do you prefer a more natural or made up look?
7. Who are your favourite bloggers?
8. Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
9. What make up item can you not leave the house without?
10. What's your favourite nail polish brand?
11. If you had £1,000 to spend on one make up brand what would it be?

Delanie - LanieCakes
Martha - ThinkPink
Lulu - HeyIt'sLulu
Gracie - GracieRose
Stephannie - MyHappyEverAfter2442
Rachel - VintageDeer
Sarah - Herstyletto

Thank you again to Rebecka for nominating me and I would like to congratulate my nominees and wish you all luck! 




Hello lovelies! So sorry I haven't posted in a while and welcome to my new followers! Hope you all have enjoyed your summer, it's gone by too fast! So as we're coming into autumn over here in the UK I thought I'd create a warm bronzed copper eye make up look that would be perfect for those autumn days. The majority of the products used are drugstore products but I will also link cheaper alternatives to the products used that are more high end for those within a budget!

Here are the products I used for this eye make up look.

Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner - £16 (benefit eye bright shown in picture! Oops)
17 Cream Eyeshadow Pen - £4 - £5 (bought in a set of 3)
Maybelline colour tattoo in permanent taupe - £4.99
MUA Eyeshadow palette in Heaven and Earth - £4
Estée Lauder duo eyeshadow in Raisins - £23 - DUPE - No7 eyeshadow iridescent purple - £8
Max factor false lash effect - £10.99

First of all I applied the colour tattoo all over my lid to act as a base to make it last, I also put this under my lower lash line. I then took the darker shade of the 17 eyeshadow cream which is a dark copper colour with a tint of brown and placed this in the centre of my eyelid and below the colour tattoo on my lower lash line.

 Then I took the darker shade in my Estée Lauder duo and placed this over the 17 cream eyeshadow to intensify the colour. After this I took the bottom left colour from the MUA palette and placed this to the areas where the colour tattoo was placed. I then took the darkest brown in the MUA palette and placed this in my crease and blended out with a crease brush. I then blended all the colours together to get rid of any harsh lines and applied my favourite eyeliner and mascara, and then applied the top left colour in my MUA palette to my tear duct and under my brow to act as a highlighter!

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial! If I didn't make it clear enough please do comment below! I'm not the best at explaining things! And if you do recreate this look please feel free to tweet me the pictures! What will be your go to make up look this autumn? 

Much love,



Saturday, 3 August 2013


Hi everyone! Sorry it's been a while since I last posted. Really need to get back into blogging! To get back into things I thought I would show you a few things that's on my August wish list! 

Topshop - Neon Orange Bag - £30 (out of stock)

I've heard so many great things about this mouse bronzer universal by Chanel and it has been around for a while now! Has said to give a natural looking tan to the face without being cakey and too orange. I know it's still summer but I love leather jackets and they're great to change up an outfit! This one from dorothy perkins is a great length and i love the double zip detail at the front. These rings are simple but look so good and you can use the thinner rings as knuckle rings. The bobbi brown creamy concealer has been on my wish list for a long time now, has said to cover up under eye circles like a dream, which I unfortunately suffer from so I need this stuff in my life! This gorgeous neon bag is great for summer and I am in love with the colour! A great way to add some colour to a dull outfit! Nude nails are in for this summer and I'm dying to try out this Barry M nail polish in Lychee. I have purchased the L'oreal Cleansing water and if you would like a full review please comment below! 

I hope you enjoyed this short yet simple post! What's on your August wish list and have you tried any of these products/items? 


Tuesday, 16 July 2013


The other day I went into boots to get some bright summery nail polishes and as I came across Barry M's stand I saw a neon yellow nail polish which immediately drew my attention as I am in love with neon yellow this summer! But unfortunately this nail polish is only limited addition! I also came across Barry M's gelly in "papaya" which is an orange peachy coral that's is perfect for summer.

Barry M nail polish

On the left is "Papaya" -

On the right is limited edition "yellow" -

Barry M nail polish Neon Yellow

This nail polish from Barry M is neon yellow and is limited addition only! It looks amazing with a tan! Has the same formula as the regular nail polishes from Barry M and retails at £3.99! I tend to apply 2 coats of this to my nails but could do with a 3rd coat as it may still look a bit streaky!

Barry M nail polish Papaya

This nail polish is the colour "papaya" from Barry M and is a gel formula which is a more thicker and glossier formula than the original formula! Love this peachy coral colour for summer and also retails at £3.99! I apply 2 coats of this to my nails and wait a while inbetween coats so it dried properly to avoid smudging as it does have a thicker consistency!

Overall I love the Barry M nail polishes as they have never failed me! They are easy to apply and dry within a reasonable amount of time. I will definitely be buying more different colours and I highly recommend them as they are so affordable!

I hope you enjoyed this review and swatches! Please let me know if you have any recommendations! What's your favourite nail polish for the summer? 


Saturday, 29 June 2013


Today I decided to make my first make up tutorial! I felt like experimenting with colours so I decided to do an orange eye look with a turquoise eyeliner which is great if you're wanting a more colourful eye make up look for summer.

The palette I used for this was Front Covers eye shadow palette in "Rainbow Eyes" I've had this for nearly two years now but you can still buy it online! 

To start off I concealed under my eyes using Collections lasting perfection concealer and filled in my brows with my sleek eyebrows kit. I then primed my eyes using the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I then added the colour "carrot" which is a bright orange colour to the centre of my eye using a flat brush packing on the colour to get an intense colour, I then took "mother of pearl" a brown shimmer on another flat brush and put this on the outer corner of my eye to create a more smokey effect.

I then put "biscuit" which is a cream highlight colour on the inner corner of my eye until it reached the centre. I then blended these colours together carefully using a blending brush to get rid of any harsh lines and then added "carrot" under my lower lash line.

I then added "clove" a dark brown shimmer shadow to the outer V of my eye and filled the corner in using a dense small brush and then blended this away from the eye and then I applied "moon beam" a  white highlight shadow, to my tear duct and under my brow bone.

To make this an even brighter look I used a turquoise liquid liner and created a small flick, the liquid eyeliner I used was from No7. I then applied a coat of Max Factors false lash effect in black on my lashes and put Benefits "eye brighten" on my water line.

And here is the finished look!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you have any more questions about the products used please feel free to ask!

What are your thoughts on this make up look?



Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Beauty Questionnaire


Eye Colour 
Bluey Green

Natural Hair Colour 
Dark Brown

Skin Undertones
Fair to Medium with yellow undertones

Most Prominent Facial Feature

My eyes, people always comment on my eyes.

Favourite Facial Feature
Again my eyes. But I have really bad under eye circles!

Feature You Would Change
My nose, its not that bad but i think its too round!

Key Point Of The Face
My eyes, they are pretty wide.


First Personal Care/Beauty Step In The Morning
Cleanse my face with the Liz Earl hot cloth cleanser!

Favorite Skin Care Products
Love love love Biodermas make up remover!  

Most Important Skin Care Routine Step
Moisturising! Skin gets really dry in some patches! 

Often Neglected Skin Care Routine Step
Eye cream and face masks! 

Most Important Skin Care Product
Again a moisturiser but has to be oil free for the day time! 

Cannot Live Without
My carmex lip balm!


First Step To Makeup Routine
Primer. I get a few blemishes and have some pores on my nose.

Most Important Makeup Tools
My E.L.F powder brush! Use this for my liquid foundation and it never fails me! 

Im currently using pore professional by Benefit. 

Lately I've been using Rimmels match perfection foundation in 100 ivory, but I really want to get Nars sheer glow!

For under eyes I use Soap and Glorys "kick ass concealer" (the more salmon toned one) in light, and for imperfections I use collections lasting perfection concealer in light.

Rimmels stay matte pressed powder.

I switch between top shop cream blush in "Head over Heals" and I have three different shades of E.L.Fs £1 blushes! 

I love Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer and I'm also using Barry M's natural dazzle dust too!

Don't use one! Really want one from Estée Lauder! They look amazing!

I am currently using an eyeshadow duo by Natural Collection in "Mocha" and on some days ill use my sleek eyebrow kit, but I do find it can look a bit orange! 

Eye Primer
I have a sample of the Urban Decay Primer Potion and I also use benefits don't stray!

I’m using the MUA Heaven On Earth Palette at the moment and I'm also in love with Estée Lauder duo eyeshadow in Raisins!

I only wear liquid eyeliner on the top of my top eyelashes and I'm using the NYC liquid eyeliner in black.

I am using max factors false lash effect in black! I love it as it gives me volume as my eyelashes are already really long.


I switch about with hair products, but lately I have been using Elvives shampoo for dry and damaged hair and also John Freedas straightening shampoo!

Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner and my Percy Reed 10 minute hydration Mask! 

Brush & Comb
I just have a de tangle come for when my hairs wet, and a denman bristle brush for when its dry! And it doesn't damage the hair! 

Styling Products
 I will most of the time let my hair dry naturally and then I'll use my babilise hair straighteners to curl my hair or give it a bit of a wave and ill use the Elnette Hair Spray to keep it all on place.

Treatment Products
For a mask I use the Aussie 3 minute miracle treatment, and 
after I've washed it, I use the Charles worthington leave in conditioner with argan oil, the Aussie heat protector spray and the Aussie curl and soft feel serum! My hairs so dry and these help give my hair nourishment.

 I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post, but I thought it was about time you all found out more about me and what products I'm using at the moment. I do tend to change up my eyeshadow, lipsticks, blush and hair products but I usually stay out with my foundation and concealer as I can be a bit fussy when I come to these! And I tag you all to do this questionnaire yourself!


Monday, 24 June 2013

Benefit Eye Crayons

A while ago I received two of the Benefit Eye Crayons when I subscribed to Glamour UK magazine, and I was completely surprised as I had no idea I was receiving them! The two products I got were "Benefits Bad Gal Eyeliner" in Black, and "Benefits Eye Brightener". 

Benefit - Eye Bright - £15
Benefit - Bad Gal - ( no longer sold, but waterproof version available for £15 )

Bad Gal Eyeliner
This eyeliner is matte black, lasts a few hours but I did find myself having to touch up. Also the pigmentation isn't amazing but it's alright! Heard the waterproof formula is more pigmented and easier to apply. I use this along my water line with a smokey eye.

Eye Brightener
This product is a nude pink toned eyeliner used to brighten up the eye area to make eyes appear more awake. It is a top seller on Benefit and lasts a great amount of time and is a quick way to brighten up your eyes as it gets rid of the dark shadows, which is a great thing for me as I struggle with dull eyes in the morning! I use this on my water line, and also on the inner corner of my eyes and sometimes under my brow bone for more definition.

To the left is the Eye Brightener 
To the right is the Bad Gal Eyeliner 

Out of the two I prefer the Eye Brightener as it does amazing wonders to my eyes! And will suit any skin tone! I use this most days and it hasn't failed me so far! 

What are your favourite benefit products? What are your recommendations? 



Maybelline Colour Tattoo

The other day I went into boots determined to finally buy one of the new Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24Hrs. In the boots I went to there wasn't a great deal of colours to choose from so I went with "Permanent Taupe" as its a neutral colour that I could use everyday! I was looking for more of a brown colour but ill have to look online instead! 

Maybelline - Colour Tattoo 24Hrs in Permanent Taupe - £4.99

This cream eyeshadow looks more taupe on skin than in the pot. It is a grey brown shade and is more of a matte eyeshadow than a shimmer eyeshadow which I prefer on some days when I'm wanting more of a subtle look on the eyes to wear a bright colour on my lips.

My first impression of this cream eyeshadow was that it is super easy to apply but you also have to be a bit quick as it does dry quickly and won't budge after you put it on! Which is also a good thing, I wore this all day without a primer and the colour pigmentation was incredible and lasted all day. It also didn't crease which is a major bonus for me as my eyelids to tend to get a bit oily through out the day. 

Overall I love this product and will definitely be purchasing more colours from the range! And at the moment boots are having a "buy on get the second half price" on all beauty and hair products so you can get two of these for £7.50! Which is definitely an amazing price!

Have you tried any of these colour tattoos yet? And what is your favourite colour? 


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