Monday, 6 May 2013

MUA Palette

Around two months ago I went into boots and had a look at the MUA range because I've heard that the quality of the products are amazing for the price. I've also heard that they do dupe eyeshadow palettes for the Naked and Naked 2 palettes. So I decided to buy an eyeshadow palette called "Heaven and Earth" This palette is full of neutral shimmery eyeshadows and i thought it would look great for an everyday look. And I'm so pleased with this palette and use it nearly everyday so I thought I'd give you a review and swatches! 

MUA Eye Shadow Palette - Heaven and Earth - £4

Here are some close ups of the eye shadows. Going from left to right. These eyeshadows are all shimmery and there aren't any matte eyeshadows which is the downside, but if you like shimmer eyeshadow this palette is amazing! 

And here are some swatches of the eyeshadows and as you can see they are fairly neutral colours of different shades of browns, creams and whites.

Overall, I think this palette is one of the best palettes I have used. The eyeshadows have a pretty good pigmentation for the price they are and are so easy to apply and blend. You can create a subtle day look or a dramatic evening look with this palette! There's also a good highlight colour (top left corner) which is an amazing under the brow highlighter and I also use it for the inner corner of my eye. You can use this palette in so many different ways and that's why it is one of my top 5 eyeshadow palettes! 

I really hope you enjoyed reading this and I have helped you in some way and I really do recommend you go and have a look at the MUA range because their palettes are amazing! I've also heard good reviews about the lipsticks! 

Have you tried any MUA products and do you have any recommendations? 



  1. The MUA highlighting powder is pretty good but you have to make sure you dont put too much on as it is really shimmery but i would defiantly recommend it !

    -Linsey x

    1. Will have to make an order soon! :) xx


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