Saturday, 29 June 2013


Today I decided to make my first make up tutorial! I felt like experimenting with colours so I decided to do an orange eye look with a turquoise eyeliner which is great if you're wanting a more colourful eye make up look for summer.

The palette I used for this was Front Covers eye shadow palette in "Rainbow Eyes" I've had this for nearly two years now but you can still buy it online! 

To start off I concealed under my eyes using Collections lasting perfection concealer and filled in my brows with my sleek eyebrows kit. I then primed my eyes using the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I then added the colour "carrot" which is a bright orange colour to the centre of my eye using a flat brush packing on the colour to get an intense colour, I then took "mother of pearl" a brown shimmer on another flat brush and put this on the outer corner of my eye to create a more smokey effect.

I then put "biscuit" which is a cream highlight colour on the inner corner of my eye until it reached the centre. I then blended these colours together carefully using a blending brush to get rid of any harsh lines and then added "carrot" under my lower lash line.

I then added "clove" a dark brown shimmer shadow to the outer V of my eye and filled the corner in using a dense small brush and then blended this away from the eye and then I applied "moon beam" a  white highlight shadow, to my tear duct and under my brow bone.

To make this an even brighter look I used a turquoise liquid liner and created a small flick, the liquid eyeliner I used was from No7. I then applied a coat of Max Factors false lash effect in black on my lashes and put Benefits "eye brighten" on my water line.

And here is the finished look!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If you have any more questions about the products used please feel free to ask!

What are your thoughts on this make up look?




  1. Love how bright that blue eyeliner is. Looks lovely!
    Would you like to follow each other?


    1. Thank you! Thought I'd change things up and use some colour! Haha and yeah sure! Xx


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