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The Rimmel London Lipsticks designed and chosen by the famous and gorgeous Kate Moss have been one of the most raved about, good quality and affordable lipsticks throughout this year, so today I decided to give you a review and swatches of some of the shades available. I picked these up around a week ago as they were on offer in Boots as buy one get one half price which was a bonus. 

The four different shades that I picked up are:
-107, a gorgeous berry colour with a purple undertone. 
-101, a perfect summer nude shade with a pink undertone.
-110, a bright summery orange shade with a slight red undertone. 
-111, a classic bright red shade perfect for all seasons. 

This product has an incredibly easy application as they have a buttery smooth texture which glide onto the lips like a dream. The lasting power is amazing however touch ups are needed throughout the day, all four of these lipsticks have however a slight shimmer which is beautiful however these are said to be "matte" lipsticks. I would highly recommend this product to many of you that are looking for a highly pigmented lipstick which is also slightly moisturising.

What are your thoughts of these Kate Moss lipsticks?



  1. We're just trying to find some color in this black and white world.
    Keep on making inspiring article :)

  2. Everything you an imagine is real. Have a good day! Keep on sharing knowledgable ideas :)


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