Thursday, 20 August 2015


This is a part two to my Kiko Haul. Lately, more than ever I've been more and more obsessed with trying out new lipstick colours and because of this I decided I needed some lip liners in my life, as I probably own around two. It's so hard to find brands that offer a range of cheap lip liners, until I went onto the Kiko website. I was amazed at how affordable these were with a great deal of 5 star reviews. These were priced at £1.20 in the sale and the colours looked gorgeous on the website. When these finally arrived I was so surprised at how much nicer the colours were in person, especially as buying make up online can go one of two ways. 

I decided to get a bright red/orange, two pink neutrals, a peach and a berry colour as this would be a good start to my make up collection. From left to right, 705, a bright red shade with an orange undertone, 703, a muted pinky peach shade, 712, a mauve nude, 702, a bright coral shade and 711, a gorgeous raspberry colour. First swatching these I loved the matte texture but also as to how easy they were to apply. I definitely love using lip liners now as you can definitely tell the difference as to when you have and haven't applied them. They give a more clean and finished look to your lips and also help the lasting wear. I love to sometimes just apply the lip liner on it's own when I am going for a matte lip colour, and they work just as well as lipsticks.

What are your thoughts on lip liners and what are your go to shades? 

Iss x



  1. I've just brought one of these lip pencils and can't wait to try them! From your post they sound amazing also I just wanted to let you know, I love your blog and have nominated you in my Liebster Award post here:
    I decided to nominate you as your posts are really fun and interesting to read, and hopefully from this others will see your fab blog! I really hope you have fun answering the questions and let me know once it's posted so I can have a read :) Love Lauren xx

    1. I'm obsessed with 712, such a lovely shade for everyday! Awh thank you lovely! That really means a lot, I will definitely do the questions :) much love, Iss x


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