Saturday, 5 September 2015


One of the main reasons I was so excited to be back in Cardiff was that I could finally go to Primark after 3 months of being without it and go to their store to see their new Autumn collection. If some of you don't know, autumn and winter are my absolute two favourite seasons and as much as I do enjoy the summer I change my wardrobe ready for the autumnal weather as soon as September hits. So I thought what better way to start this wardrobe change than head on over to Primark.

Primark have so many gorgeous new items in store and I would've no doubt bought much more if I didn't have to wait until my student loan comes through. Yeah paying rent and bills really does suck. I noticed that throughout the store were a lot of above the knee sheer shirts that can be used as a tunic or a light throw over which is perfect for Autumn. I bought two of these type of style shirts, one which was burgundy with white and black stripes, which is shown above, and another that was just plain burgundy (I bought this a few days after taking these photos). 

The striped shirt was priced at £13 and the burgundy shirt was priced at £10. The next two clothing items I bought were long sleeved tops, the first being this gorgeous rust colour with a ribbed detail and a slightly longer back of the top to the front. The second long sleeve top I bought was just a simple black striped white top with a ribbed effect also which was priced at £5! 

I picked up this huge wool scarf that has chunks of colours of rust, navy, burgundy and dark green, sounds a bit crazy but trust me it works! I absolutely love this scarf because it's so cosy and the colours are so autumnal. This scarf was priced at £8 which may be on the pricier side for a primark scarf but it is really worth it. The second accessory I picked up was this simple gold bangle with a triangle detail which was only £1.50 and can dress up any outfit.

Lastly in the homeware section I picked up one of my favourite candles that has three wicks which gives the candle a really good durability and I absolutely love this scent of sweet coconut and vanilla. I find that this scent is really good for every season but I will be definitely buying some more autumnal scents soon. This candle was priced at £2.50 which is amazing for a really heavily scented candle. 

I hope you have enjoyed this mini haul! What are your new favourite autumn items?

Much love, Iss x
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