Tuesday, 19 January 2016


During winter months I usually go into hibernation and constantly complain how crap the weather is but this winter I tried to make the most of the colder days and encourage myself to enjoy it. I mean after all, cold weather means pamper evenings and baths. What more could you want in life? And because of this I have decided to show you my favourite and most used products during these painfully cold days! 

During the winter, I use almost any excuse to hop into the bath and get my stash of lush bath bombs out so of course these were going to appear in my winter favourites. My absolute favourite thing to do during winter is to go into Lush and look at all the new Christmas products they have and splash out ridiculous amounts of money on them. I have been loving this 'Star dust' bath bomb, it has such a cosy scent of vanilla and instantly makes me feel so relaxed after a long day. 

Along with my bath I always light a candle, in fact I do this almost every time I get home. There's nothing more comforting than a burning candle with an amazing scent. During one of my primark shopping trips I came across all of their candles and decided to try out some of their inexpensive candles. £1 each is a very good bargain. Their winter scents that they brought out this year smell almost as good as some of my favourite high end candles! This 'winter berry' candle I picked up smells exactly what it says on the tin. The lasting power however isn't amazing but for the price you can't really go wrong.

Skincare is something I have to put a little extra effort into during the winter, my skin gets ridiculously dry and I end up smothering it in moisturiser before I go to bed. The two products I have been using religiously these cold months are the body shop vitamin E intense hydration cream and the body shop oils of life. I use the cream both morning and night as it sinks into the skin incredibly fast and also helps my skin look slightly less dry, and then use the oil before I cosy into bed as it takes a lot longer to sink into the skin. These products feel really nice on the skin however they are quite scented so be aware if this is a problem for you! I do enjoy these products however I feel that they don't hydrate my skin enough and I will continue to search for the perfect hydrating skincare, especially as these products aren't on the cheaper side!

Winter is definitely the time of year I get out my darker shades of lipstick and nail varnish and I have been constantly wearing these next two products. I have been in love with the Revlon matte balm in 225 sultry, it is a gorgeous dark berry pink and is so easy to apply and very moisturising to the lips. I wear this pretty much everyday as it's such an easy look to wear. Along with this I have been constantly painting my nails with the Revlon nail enamel in vixen 560. It is the definition of winter and the perfect dark berry colour. The lasting power is also really impressive for a drugstore product and I can't wait to check out their spring range when it hits stores!

I hope you've enjoyed my winter favourites and maybe encouraged you to make the most of these colder days and give yourself a pamper when it's raining outside on your days off. What have been your winter favourites? I would love to know! Thank you for reading, 



  1. That lipstick is such a bold gorgeous shade! Love oils for winter as my skin is always slightly dryer at this time of year!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

    1. It's so pretty isn't it! Yeah oils usually seem to do the trick :) x

  2. I love Lush, nowt beats a Lush bath in Winter!! I've recently tried out Star Dust, it's soo cute, the little colourful stars that burst out are adorable. I also love The Body Shop, I'm hoping to get my hands on the Tea Tree face range, I've tried it a couple of times at my boyfriends house, and I'm lusting over them, they work wonders! Primark candles are great too, especially for the price, although I'm not keen on a lot of the scents, I've got two (forgot the names) but a pink one, and a purple one (great help lol) but they smell nice. I'm a huge candle lover! xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Yeah I'm just about to do another body shop order! Just can't get enough haha, they're products never seem to break me out which I struggle to find! Yeah I only like a few of the scented candles, but their winter range this year was surprisingly nice! xx


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