Sunday, 15 May 2016


Hello my lovelies, first of all I just want to apologies for my lack of posts! Exams have definitely gotten the better of me and revision has currently taken over my life, but on the up side, I will be back into the swing of things as I will have officially finished my first year at university!

To get back into the swing of things, I thought what would be better than to write up a review on the not so new anymore, 'Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette' by L'oreal. As soon as I'd seen the adverts of L'oreals new Sculpting range and saw this contour palette I immediately thought that this product could at least try and give me some cheek bones. If you're unlucky like me and suffer a round face with no definition this would have definitely caught your eye. This product can be purchased at both Boots and Superdrug with a price of £9.99. I however bought this during a 3 for 2 promotion as it can be a bit on the pricey side for a drugstore contour kit. This contour kit also comes in two different shades, light/medium and medium/dark. The shade I picked up was the light/medium shade as 1) lets be honest, I tend to be on paler side of the scale and 2) I find that building up contour gives a much more natural finish. This product came with a small guide on where to contour for your specific face shape which I found highly useful as I'm always trying to find new ways to contour in order to achieve the best look for my face shape.

The first thing I noticed about this contour kit was there was a lot more less product than what I was hoping for, but this didn't really bother me as the consistency of the product seemed so smooth and creamy. This can be a bit of a risk for a contour palette due to creamy products having the tendency of not lasting a great deal amount of time and tends to smudge throughout the day. Probably two of the most things that you would wish your contour wouldn't do. However saying this, although the product is highly creamy and silky it blends to almost a very fine powder texture. I found that applying both shades to my face was easiest after applying foundation and concealer and before powdering as I was able to then set it afterwards with my Topshop bronzer in 'Mohawk' and the MUA Highlighting powder in 'Iridescent gold'. I did however find that if my foundation had dried, it was more of a struggle to blend this product without making it look patchy so make sure that you apply this directly after foundation!

The light highlighting shade looks more pink under toned in the pan more than it does when applied and blended as it gives a more neutral highlighting shade which is perfect for a natural contour and will suit all skin tones. I found that this highlighting shade was more of a matte shade with the slightest and most finest amount of shimmer, which to me is barely noticeable. It glides on really nicely and can be applied on the cheek bones, bridge of the nose and cupids bow. I find this a really good matte base with for any powdered highlighters and will enhance the duration of wear. Perfect for long lasting make up.

The dark shade that is used to contour and define is also a really matte shade with a neutral under tone. It is not too orange nor too ashy which also helps give that more natural effect. I use this shade in the hollows of my cheeks to help create a defined look and bring out my non existing cheek bones. I also like to use this on the temples of the forehead. By doing this helps create the effect of a smaller forehead which I personally like. On special occasions where I'm taking my make up to the next level I like to apply a small amount of this to the edges of the bridge of my nose to help give my nose more definition and to make it look slightly smaller.

Overall I really enjoyed using this product, both shades were really easy to blend and lasted a good deal amount of time. I also found that using a powdered contour and highlighter on top of this product gave it a more defined and longer lasting effect. This product is build-able to a certain extent before beginning to look patchy and give a really natural result. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to explore into the contouring world and even for those who are experts for an everyday subtle contour.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and let me know of any posts you wish to see these next coming weeks! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!




  1. I love the fact that the contour is creamy and matte! That's a massive positive!
    Charlotte //

    1. The colour is perfect for contouring too! So hard to find in a drugstore contour palette xx

  2. I've just bought this contour kit and I'm very excited to try it out, I am loving the new Maybelline Duo, but I definitely have room in my heat for another contour product haha :)
    xxx Claire

    1. I definitely need to try out the Maybelline Duo! Looks amazing! Hahah theirs always new room for new products xx

  3. My wife uses one of this things. And I have to admit she looks very..beautiful. About women like her edubiedie writers have written few articles and photographers are waiting for pahotoshot with her for few month.


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